redesign for living

When a space is off you feel it in your gut. Instinctively, you know that something isn't right. Whether we are aware of this connection or not, it happens to us on an emotional level. This affects how you feel in your home and is often apparent in your comfort level when visitors stop by.  Do you hide when the doorbell rings? 

The Happy Nest wants you to love your home! Our team will help you rework your space in a way the represents your unique style and supports your beautiful heart.  


staging for selling                          

 If you have decided to sell your home, congratulations! We at The Happy Nest believe you should get the best return for your nest egg.  If this sounds agreeable to you, everything you do to prepare your home for market should be about that potential buyer. Our trained team can help you see past your own attachments to achieve the greater goal and show your home in its best light.      

Moving the sectional into the guest living room was the highlight for me. I just want to use that room for myself. We are both now thinking we don’t want to leave!
— Rick K.


  • Furnishing and styling vacant homes for living or for sale
  • Fluffing and re-designing occupied homes 
  • Space planning and set up at the new residence 
  • Sourcing beautiful furniture and décor items for purchase 
  • Access to furniture and décor rental items through the HOUSSE
  • Provide a fresh set of eyes and make recommendations
  • Provide a written report and homework at your request
  • Packages available to suit your budget and timeline 
  • Online space coaching services
I was blown away with how they transformed my living space. It was like walking into someone else’s house with the exact same furniture. I had no idea my space could look so wonderful and more importantly be so functional. Now, I enjoy being home and I want to show it off to the whole world.
— Happy Client
Jaclynn absolutely helped my clients get more for their home. I will be happy to use The Happy Nest again and again!
— Jean Medland, Realtor