The Happy Nest was an amazing help for me when I recently moved. Jaclynn was professional energetic, respectful, cheerful and well organized. I would highly recommend her!
— Anne Drew
Thank you so much for helping me organize my home office. I so appreciated your advice, helpfulness and most importantly, your empathy and willingness to go above and beyond to ease this process for me. It is rare to meet someone who has your sensitivity and insightfulness. I keep saying to myself, like a mantra, what would Jaclynn do?
— Elizabeth Coey
When I refer people they have to be good, they are an extension of my business and reflect either positively or negatively . I feel very confident every time I need a home stager, estate cleaning and clearing or just help with getting a listing organized for pictures and showings. This girl rocks and has a great team behind her.
— Brad Maclaren, Realtor
When I first met Jaclynn and we talked about possibly changing my Random Abstract Filing System (RAFS) that I had developed over the last few decades and that I had spread over my office, I was initially skeptical and hesitant (perhaps even cataleptic). But I was in a mode of learning at the time in my new office so I thought I would venture a new way of doing things. When the time came to confront my skepticism and discovered that I was most pleased with Jaclynn’s expertise and forthrightness. She was willing to listen to my preferences and adapt her suggestions accordingly. Together we worked like a team to transform my RAFS into a more logical and neater system. Now everything has a place and everything is in its place; thus everything can be easily be retrieved and found. I recommend The Happy Nest to anyone who is looking for a creative consultant to transform their former ways of doing things into a fresh new beginning that has clarity and efficiency embedded in the system.
— David Spence
For some time I had wished for a second set of hands and an impartial perspective, in order to tackle my organizing project. So it was with great delight and equal surprise, that I received a gift certificate to ‘The Happy Nest’ from a colleague. The chosen task was to go through and sort several oversize containers filled with various papers: old school projects, university essays, family photos, my grandfather’s WWII memorabilia and other accumulated miscellaneous documents. Friendly and highly professional, I didn’t hesitate to book another organizing session with Jaclynn in order to finish the project. In four hours, we were able to sort through what I had been meaning to do for at least as many years prior. It was great to have someone to help keep me on task, maximize the time spent sorting, and help with decision making - all done in a manner that would put one at ease. For projects big or small, I recommend the services of The Happy Nest.
— C.B.
Jaclynn of The Happy Nest has been extremely professional, patient, and sensitive, as she organizes our household muddle for a future move. When the time comes, we will be more than grateful to have her kind and joyful personality around - as she continues to sort out our years and years, of accumulated valuables and clutter. Her expertise and organizing skills will make for an easy clearing and happy landing.
— Margaret and Peter Lake
Very professional and detailed. Helped me out on very short notice and did a fantastic job cleaning my house before listing it.
— Drew Kernovich, Realtor
I downsized from my 3000 sq ft home to a 1300 sq ft condo over 3 years ago.  I had let many items go at that time but still felt overwhelmed and crowded by the furniture and clutter in the new place and especially annoyed that I was also spending $200 per month at an offsite storage locker to contain the overflow.  Jaclynn teamed me up with Karla who was a perfect match for me. Karla was personable, practical and task-driven.  She kept me and my fiancé focussed on emptying everything out of the storage locker and was compassionate but firm when I had trouble letting some things go.  She organized the sale of many items and dealt directly with prospective purchasers so that I didn’t have to.  I was surprised by the weight that was lifted off my shoulders by simply (finally) dealing with the storage locker.  
— K. Belton